Annual Membership Meeting has been Scheduled

January 30th will be the day.  USA Performance Engines will be the place.  10:00 am will be the time.

In addition to discussion of the upcoming season we will also handout the 2020 awards.  We have several generous donors of some great giveaway items.  In order to receive these giveaway items someone from your team must be present to accept them.  Don't miss out... We would love to see everyone and kickoff the 2021 season. 

Ryan and the entire board has been hard at work scheduling an exciting season.

See you all then!!!

Ryan Oerter

Colin Rinehart
Vice President

Karen Clark


Board Members
Patrick Bourke

Keith Rauch
Jim Doyle

Olivia Bennett (advisory member)
Ken Clark (Honorary)

Gary Martelon (Honorary)