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Rauch Grabs Season Finale and 2019 Series Title at
​El Paso County Raceway

September 28, 2019 

The Lucas Oil RMMRA Series Finished off the 2019 Season on Saturday Night. 18 cars showed through the gate including out of state contenders Ray Seeman from Kansas and Casey Shuman piloting the always potent Brian Dunlap 32D. With the season ending, numerous positions in the standings up for grabs, and a well prepared El Paso County Raceway, the action all night was fast and elbows up!! Heat races were won by Rauch, Harr, and Taylor headed into main event action. Rauch claimed the checkers, followed by Chris Sheil, Lance Bennett, Paul Babich, and Bob Harr rounding the top 5. 

Full Results - 
El Paso County Raceway

Heat 1: 

Keith Rauch, Chris Sheil, Lance Bennett, Ray Seeman, Randy Oerter, Olivia Bennett
Heat 2: 
Bob Harr, Casey Shuman, Ryan Oerter, AJ Valim, Mike Snelling, Ashley Oerter Cleveland
Heat 3: 
Zac Taylor, Carson Garrett, Paul Babich, Collin Rinehart, Mark Misegadis, Blaze Bennett

Keith Rauch, Chris Sheil, Lance Bennett, Paul Babich, Bob Harr, Ryan Oerter, Ray Seeman, AJ Valim, 
Randy Oerter, Mark Misegadis, Olivia Bennett, Mike Snelling, Blaze Bennett, Casey Shuman, Collin Rinehart, Ashley Oerter Cleveland, Carson Garrett, Zac Taylor (DNS)


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