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Keith Rauch
Vice President

Ron Rossi

Board Members

Tony Rossi

Ryan Oerter

Zack Merritt

Rich Kepler

Ken Clark (Honorary)

 2015 RMMRA Banquet 
 The RMMRA held their 2015 banquet on November 14th at Fox Hollow Golf Course. I would like to thank Fox Hollow for the hospitality along with special thanks to the following: 2015 Board of Directors (Jim Doyle, Karen Clark, Frank Peterson, Ken Clark, Doug Bensenberg, and Rich Kepler), as well as the incoming 2016 board. 
A long list of supporters deserve our thanks including Dynamic Metal Fabricaton, USA Performance Engines, RunStands, Speedway Motors, Spike Chassis, Stanton Race Engines, Kaiser Wheels, Hoosier Tires, Simpson Race Products, Dale Moore and Phantom Racing Graphics, Boysen Loesch, Christy Rauch, Don Holbrook and Freebird Motorsports, and Ewen Rees. The season trophies were lazer cut stainless provided by Dynamic Metal Fabrication and they turned out amazing! Thank you Gary, Dan, Skip, and Tyler for your hard work.  

Pictured Below: End of the Season Awards, 2015 Championship Team (Petauro Racing), and the 2015 Top Ten in Points!