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Rauch Continues Winning Ways

On Saturday, June 13th the RMMRA headed north to Holyoke, CO. This is the first and only stop to Phillips County Raceway in 2015 for the RMMRA and they did not disappoint. With a stout field of cars rolling into the gate, heat race action started off with Chris Sheil taking the high mark in heat one followed by Dustin Weiland, Tony Rossi, Mark Chisholm, and Greg Schaefer rounding the top five. In heat two, the crowd witnessed a tight battle by the top five positions starting off with a tight race between 2015 rookie of the year candidates Zack Merrit and Lance Bennett. After dicing positions for multiple laps, veteran Bob Harr made his way to the point with 2014 champion Keith Rauch following suit. At the line it was Harr, Rauch, Lance Bennett, Zack Merritt, and Ryan Oerter rounding the top five.

Come feature time, a five row inversion created shuffled the field and set the stage for a tight battle. Front row starter Mark Chisholm shot to an early lead and was looking like the car to beat. A late race caution flew when Tony Rossi slowed due to mechanical issue, also collecting unlucky bystander Bob Harr. Harr would shuffle to the end of the pack for the restart. Unfortunately, during caution, race leader Mark Chisholm's car would run over something on the track, puncturing his right rear. Mark would retire to the pits for the remainder of the race forfeiting the lead to 8th place starting Rauch. The green flag flew again and Rauch shot to the lead followed by 9th place starting Chris Sheil, and Greg Schaefer in 3rd. At the checkers it would be Keith Rauch, Chris Sheil, Greg Schaefer, Dustin Weiland, and Bob Harr completing the top five.  

The RMMRA would like to thank Joe Bellm and the staff at Phillips County Raceway for an incredible night.

We look forward to seeing you all at the races!!!!
- Chris Sheil
RMMRA President