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Gearing up for 2015?

Check out these For Sale Items!!!

2012 XXX Midget Operation:

Getting out of racing... Gaerte Mopar, SuperShox, Winters Rear, titanium everywhere, to many spares to list plus a pit cart and engine heater! $27,500... just charge the battery and head to Tulsa! Call or email for complete list of items. Serious inquiries only!

Tony Rossi, 303-941-3539

Spike Basic Kit and Spares

Recently purchased a new Spike chassis so the old car is for sale along with spare parts. The car is a basic kit with KSE power steering that needs adjusting, steering wheel with hub, Fuel Safe tail shell, Sanders bird cage, two sets of rear arms three body panels, bumpers, kick offs, and radious rods. Car was Feature winner in 2014!!!  $2,000.00 take all!!

Cappy Mason