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 ******** Next Event: Saturday, August 8th, I-76 Speedway (Ft. Morgan, CO) ********

Rossi Takes First Win of 2015!!!

The RMMMRA returned to racing action on July 24th at El Paso County Raceway. Due to previous rainouts, the race marked the beginning of the second half of the season. A strong contingent of cars traveled down to Calhan, CO to race in front of  a huge El Paso County Fair crowd, and did not disappoint.
Heat race action started with 2015 Rookie of the Year contender, Zack Merritt taking the first heat race over veterans Tony Rossi and Ryan Order. Merritt shot to an early lead and never looked back. In the second heat, veteran and current points leader Keith Rauch took the win over Chris Sheil and Greg Schaefer rounding the top three positions.
The feature lined up late in the night under the lights and an eager crowd. At the green flag, pole sitter Ryan Oerter took the lead with Greg Schaefer following suit. The two battled close lap after lap swapping the lead. Ryan Oerter looked like the car to beat but unfortunately made contact with an infield tire, spinning him around and bringing out a late race caution. Tony Rossi took the point on the restart with Chris Sheil, Dustin Weland, Bob Harr, and Keith Rauch following suit. The battle for second heated up between Sheil and Weland for the closing laps with Sheil eventually taking the show position. At the stripe, it was Rossi taking his first win of 2015 and claiming the $600 bonus bounty raised by the RMMRA!!  The top five finishers were Rossi, Sheil, Welnad, Harr, and Rauch.

  **The next race  for the RMMRA is August 8th
at Butch Speicher's I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the races!!!!
 - Chris Sheil
RMMRA President