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Greg Schaefer Gives Veteran RMMRA Owner his First Midget Feature Win 


For Immediate Release

Calhan, CO. (July 19, 2014) - Veteran open wheel driver Greg Schaefer gave RMMRA Ex driver/owner and now car owner Cappy Mason his first Midget “A” Feature win Saturday night at El Paso County Speedway in Calhan, CO.

*More information to come*


Heat One (8 Laps) - 1. Chris Sheil, 2. Tony Rossi, 3. Greg Schaefer, 4. Ryan Oerter, 5. Bob Harr, 6. Mark Bensenberg, 7. Larry Bensenberg (DNS).

 Heat Two (8 Laps) - 1. Keith Rauch, 2. Mark Chisholm, 3. Troy Ullery, 4. Randy Oerter, 5. Doug Bensenberg, 6. Scott Haikus (DNS), 7. Dustin Weland (DNS).

 “A” Feature (20 Laps) - 1. Greg Schaefer, 2. Tony Rossi, 3. Chris Sheil, 4. Keith Rauch, 5. Mark Bensenberg. 6. Doug Bensenberg, 7. Bob Harr (DNF), 8. Mark Chisholm (DNF), 9. Scott Haikus (DNF), 10. Randy Oerter (DNF), 11. Troy Ullery (DNF), 12. Ryan Oerter (DNF), 13. Dustin Weland (DNS).


RMMRA Payout Increase on August 16


Denver, CO. (July 13, 2014) - The RMMRA would like to announce that the upcoming race at Butch Speicher's I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO has received a growing payout!

Thanks to a sponsor that would like to remain anonymous, in addition to Glen Tilton from Napa Auto Parts of Cheyenne, we will be paying out $1,000 to win!!! There is also $500 that will be added to the purse in addition to our normal payout. An additional $150 will go to the second and third place finishers, an additional $100 to fourth, and a last place "hard luck" bonus of $100 going to the last place finishing car in the feature. The additional purse money is again on top of our standard payout!

The race will be held on Saturday, August 16th at I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO. You can view details regarding I-76 Speedway at the following link:

The RMMRA would like to thank both of these sponsors for their generosity! If there are any questions please feel free to contact RMMRA President Chris Sheil at or on his cell (303.358.9131). We hope to see you all at the races!! 


Sheil Doubles up with win at Lamar Speedway

Lamar, CO. (July 5, 2014) After a rain out at El Paso County Speedway in Calhan, CO on July 4th the RMMRA headed east to Lamar Speedway in Lamar, CO. This is the first time that the RMMRA has been to Lamar Speedway and is the only visit for 2014. The RMMRA showed up with a strong contingent bringing 15 cars and the largest car count of the night for any class. Promoter Kelly Morris had Lamar Speedway prepped and ready to go and right from the start the track was fast and provided multiple grooves for heat race action.
After strong heat races, won by Keith Rauch and Tony Rossi, the field was set for the feature. With a  "five" rolled for the inversion the heat race front runners were set back in the 9th and 10th starting spots. As the green fell the race was on with multiple passes and dicing back and forth for position. A caution flew when Tony Rossi and Scott Haikus made contact in turn three. After the restart, the race heated up with Chris Sheil, Keith Rauch, Bob Harr, and Greg Schaefer holding a tight battle up front. At the checkers it was Sheil grabbing his second win of the season in the StealthCom Solutions, Inc., Bell Racing Beast/Brayton. 

    ***The RMMRA would like to thank Lamar Speedway for the invitation and look forward to returning in 2015. We would like to also thank all of the drivers and teams that came out and made the show a success!!

Complete Results are as follows:
 Heat One (8 Laps) - Keith Rauch, Greg Schaefer, Scott Fennell, Bob Harr, Scott Haikus, Doug Bensenberg, Larry Bensenberg (DNF), Bill Rousch (DNS)

Heat Two (8 Laps) - Tony Rossi, Chris Sheil, Mark Chisholm, Ryan Oerter, Randy Oerter, Mark Bensenberg (DNF), Dustin Weiland (DNS)

"A" Feature (20 Laps) - Chris Sheil, Keith Rauch, Bob Harr, Greg Schaefer, Scott Fennell, Tony Rossi, Mark Chisholm, Ryan Oerter, Randy Oerter (DNF), Scott Haikus (DNF), Doug Bensenberg (DNF), Larry Bensenberg (DNF), Dustin Weiland (DNF), Mark Bensenberg (DNS), Bill Rousch (DNS)


Sheil Win's Phillips County Raceway

Holyoke, CO. (June 28, 2014) - Chris Sheil driving the Stealthcom Solution, Denver Distrubutor, Beast-Fontana/Brayton won this past Saturday night at Phillips County Raceway in Holyoke, CO. on a very well prepared heavy track. 

Next race event for the RMMRA will be this weekend July 4 (Friday) night at El Paso County Speedway in Calhan, CO. and July 5 (Saturday) night at Lamar Speedway in Lamar, CO.

Heat Finish: Bob Harr, Keith Rauch, Tony Rossi, Greg Schaefer, Chris Sheil, Scott Fennell, Brad Tilton, Mark Chisholm

Feature Finish: Chris Sheil, Mark Chisholm, Keith Rauch, Greg Schaefer,
Tony Rossi, Bob Harr, Brad Tilton, Scott Fennell




Harr Win’s two in a Row


For Immediate Release


Ft. Morgan, CO. (June 21, 2014) - Bob Harr driving the Bear Electric, Musser Racing, Halaar Racing, Musser/Chevy won back to back Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (RMMRA) “A” Feature Saturday night at I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, Colorado.

    Rookie Midget driver Brad Hilton set the pace for the field of cars to start the 16 Lap “A” Feature. Scott Fennel took the charge at the start but after lap one, Harr passed Fennell for the led going into turn 4. Keith Rauch starting fifth row inside charged through the field, after lap two, Rauch was challenging Harr for the lead. Harr and Rauch were in their own world and was battling it out for the lead, which left the rest of the field challenging for positions. On the last lap going for the checker flag, coming out of turn four, Rauch tried to pass Rauch one final time but at the finish line it was Harr, Rauch, Tony Rossi, Fennell, and Greg Schaefer rounding out the top five positions.

Official Results:

   1. Bob Harr, 2. Keith Rauch, 3. Tony Rossi, 4. Scott Fennell, 5. Greg Schaefer, 6. Chris Sheil, 7. Mark Chisholm, 8. Brad Tilton, 9. Doug Bensenberg, 10. Mark Bensenberg, 11. Larry Bensenberg - DNS


Veteran RMMRA Driver Bob Harr Kicks Monkey Off of Shoulder


For Immediate Release

Holyoke, CO. (May 25, 2014) - Veteran Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (RMMRA) driver Bob Harr finally kicked the old monkey off his shoulder Saturday night at Philips County Raceway by winning the 15 Lap “A” Feature.

  On the start of the “A” Feature, pole sitter Scott Fennell took the opening lap.  On lap two, Bob Harr, starting third row inside driving the Bear Electric, Shatz/Shatz Atty’s at Law, Musser Racing Engines, Halaar Racing took the led from Fennell.  While Harr was leading, Chris Sheil and last week Feature winner Keith Rauch was working their way up through the field.  Around lap 5, Sheil and Rauch caught Harr and the battle was on for the win.  But on lap thirteen, Sheil’s oil line broke, stopping in turn three, causing a yellow flag.  On the restart, Rauch challenged Harr for the lead but Harr had too much for Rauch.  At the checker, it was Harr, Rauch, Greg Schaefer, Mark Chisholm and Fennell rounding out the top five. 

Notes:  The last time Harr won a “A” Feature event was on September 27, 2003 at Rocky Mountain National Speedway in Denver, Colorado.  This is Harr 5th career RMMRA Feature win


Heat One (8 Laps):  Chris Sheil, Mark Chisholm, Bob Harr, Keith Rauch, Greg Schaefer, Scott Fennell, Tony Rossi, Brad Tilton (r).

“A” Feature (15 Laps) - Bob Harr, Keith Rauch, Greg Schaefer, Mark Chisholm, Scott Fennell, Chris Sheil (DNF), Brad Tilton (DNF), Tony Rossi (DNS). 


 Rauch Captures His 60th Midget “A” Feature Win

For Immediate Release

Ft. Morgan, CO. (May 17, 2014) - The Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (RMMRA) opened up their 2014 race season on a cold, windy night at I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO., with Keith Rauch winning his 60th “A” Feature Saturday night.

    On a heavy, well prepared track, pole sitter Scott Fennell brought the field of cars to the green flag.  On the opening lap, Chris Sheil and Greg Schaefer made contact going into turn one with Schaefer flipping off the track. Schaefer was ok.

    On the restart, Fennell took the lead again with Dustin Weland on his tail.  The first of two yellow flags came out when Tony Rossi and Bob Harr made contact between turns three and four, with Rossi spinning out.  On the restart, Weland passed Fennell on the outside going into turn one.  Weland led for several laps.  With the laps counting down, the second yellow flag came out when Rossi spun in turn one.  One the restart, Weland took the lead again with Rauch behind him.  Then Weland dropped into the infield with mechanical problems and Rauch took over the led.  At the checker, it was Rauch, Rossi, Harr, Fennell, and Rookie driver Brad Tilton.

Footnote:  Rauch won his 60th main event win, one behind Roy Bowe with 61.  Roy Bowe is 5th on the All-Time Colorado Feature win list, behind Mike Gregg who is in 4th with 65 wins.



        2013 RMMRA Championship Team

(Left to Right) 2013 RMMRA President - Bill Harper, Driver Keith Rauch, Car Owner - Frank Peterson and Chief Mechanic -  Mark Matejka








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