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   - 4th Annual Midget Round-Up!!!!! -

            May 25th/26th @ Airport Raceway (Garden City, KS)!!!



Rauch Claims Jim Barr Memorial Race for Season Opener!! 

Powri Lucas Oil RMMRA
Jim Barr Memorial Season Opener!
The Powri Lucas Oil RMMRA midgets opened up the season at I-76 Speedway last night and did not disappoint. First off, a huge thank you to Butch Speicher for sticking it out through some wet weather.  The track rolled in and was incredibly fast from top to bottom!! The evening started off with a very wet and slick hot lap session leading to Ashley Oerter making hard contact with the turn 4 wall.  The accident ended her night.  We are glad she is OK and will race again soon. 

All three heat races were fast and narrow, but with every passing lap the race track was getting wider allowing for some good racing as well as a couple unfortunate DNF’s by both Bob Harr in his #2 car and AJ Valim with his orange #4.  Harr would make repairs and return for the Feature.  Valim was not as lucky with a lot of hard work still fell a bit short and was unable to return to action. 

The heat #1 winner, Keith Rauch rolled the dice for a 9 position invert for the Main Event which led to some great racing action.  An unfortunate lap one incident on the front straight led to a high flying Chris Sheil, last season’s closing night winner, going airborn in the Cappy Mason owned #91.  After a minute or so, Chris emerged from his car under his own power.  We are glad he is OK and will work hard, returning to action soon.  For the remainder of the race Keith Rauch maintained his composure as he worked his way through the field.  With the help of a couple yellow flags, Keith piloted the Petauro Racing #27 to second place on the fast multi grooved race track where he followed young Zach Taylor into lapped traffic with only a few laps remaining. His years of experience showed when he was able to capitalize and make the pass for the win.  He was closely followed by Zach, Paul Babich, Mark Chisholm, and Lance Bennet rounding out the top 5.  Bob Harr was the events Hard Charger by advancing 10 positions to finish 6th.

Next weeks action will take us to Garden City, Kansas at  Airport Raceway for the 4th annual Midget Roundup by TBJ Promotions and Airport Raceway.  Come see some great Midget Racing Action!!!!!

Heat 1:
1. Keith Rauch (1)
2. Dustin Weland (2)
3. Ryan Oerter (3)
4. Mark Hamilton (4)
5. Tim Snelling (6)
6. Bob Harr (5) DNF

Heat 2:
1. Paul Babich (3)
2. Zack Merritt (2)
3. Carson Garrett (5)
4. Mile Snelling (4)
5. Blaze Bennett (1)
6. Ashley Oerter DNS

Heat 3:
1. Lance Bennett (2)
2. Chris Sheil (4)
3. Zac Taylor (5)
4. Mark Chisholm (4)
5. Tony Rossi (6)
6. AJ Valim (1) DNF

Feature results:
1. Keith Rauch (9)
2. Zac Taylor (1)
3. Paul Babich (8)
4. Mark Chisholm (12)
5. Lance Bennett (7)
6. Bob Harr (16) HARD CHARGER
7. Dustin Weiland (6)
8. Carson Garrett (2)
9. Ryan Oerter (3)
10. Mark Hamilton (10)
11. Mile Snelling (11)
12. Tim Snelling (13)
13. Zack Merritt (5)
14. Tony Rossi (15)
15. Chris Sheil (4)
16. Blaze Bennett (14)
17. AJ Valim DNS
18. Ashley Oerter DNS


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